The List

Here is my life list so far in no particular order. 

Knit a pair of socks:: Get up on a surf board and ride a wave::  Meet Keri Smith::  Publish a book:: Visit San Francisco:: Make fudge::  Start my own business::  Live in a vineyard:: Collect art:: Travel to Costa Rica::  Build a darkroom::  Host an Alice in Wonderland Croquet Party in the Backyard:: Tour the Napa Valley:: Take an Icebreaker to Antarctica::  Visit Iceland:: Eat Feta in Greece::  Ride in a helicopter::  Attend a writer's retreat with Jen Lee:: See a play in NYC::  Own a fancy pair of Fluevogs::  Make Pear Butter::  visit the Louvre:: Learn how to make  stained glass :: Stay in the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec:: Sip coffee in Paris:: Stand at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem:: Snorkel in the ocean:: See my daughter choreograph and perform a dance to Johnny Cash:: Bake Challah:: Sew a quilt:: Storm watching in Ucluelet:: drive a Jeep (preferably and old one):: attend the ballet in Russia::  be a contributor to Habit::  Visit Kodiak Island in Alaska:: Attend a fashion runway show:: Find a poloroid:: Pilates for a year:: Make homemade ice-cream:: Climb a wall in a climbing gym:: Whale watching:: Plank for 5 minutes::  complete a 365 photo project::  own a medium format camera::  spend a summer in a cabin on a lake:: complete a photo project with mr. w (the husband)::  be debt-free:: see my children graduate:: read 52 books in 52 weeks::  homemade salsa with homegrown tomatoes::  participate in mondo beyondo::   visit New Orleans:: host a story telling night::  10 chin ups from dead hang::  work part-time::  publish a photograph:: own a place in Hawaii::  retire Thomas in 2017::  Christmas in Hawaii::  Toyota Tacoma for Thomas:: move back to Vancouver::

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