Tuesday, July 15, 2014


It has been forever and a day since I have been over here.  What the heck am I doing with my days?
I am working my ass off.  Did I tell you my DSLR was stolen?  My own fault.  I left in my car overnight.  I popped out to my car to bring in a forgotten bag of stuff and my camera was tucked under the front seat.  I obviously forgot to lock the car once more.  The next morning I noticed the ashtray open (where we keep our change for parking) and the change was gone and my eyes quickly darted to the front seat and yup - camera gone.  Sheesh.  So many things stolen from our carport over the years.  It can all get to be a bit disheartening. But, with all the other things going on a stolen camera is the least of my concerns.

Work is crazy busy.  New clients - old clients. New  projects and deadlines.  New things to learn and share. I am working hard on new business venture.  I am in the middle of designing business cards.  My husband is on strike.  Have I shared that lovely detail?  I am taking holidays in August and I signed up for a writing challenge.  I am taking two weeks off.... that could possibly be a nightmare ..... so much work to do in preparation.  I am reading a novel.  It has taken me more than 2 weeks and it is officially overdue.  So that is also lame... but, I am almost finished it now... so will just keep it a few more days.

It has been hot.  Last two nights I slept in the tent.  First night it rained.  Second night - not enough blankets which surprises me because it was so hot... and I was too lazy to come back inside and get another blanket so did not sleep well.

We are learning how to live with almost adults... who have their own lives but we all cohabit together.  Finding the balance of obligation and duty.  Responsibility and love.  These are challenging days.  There is some worry about my son.  Leave it there.  He has been accepted into a metal fabrication program for January 2015 which is very good.  January is far, far away.  I wish he started in September.  My daughter will be back in school in the fall and will be leaving us again.  That will also take adjusting.  Fine tuning.  Actually life is all about the fine tuning.

Friday, June 20, 2014


Two days.  Two days until our friends who now live in Moncton return to our house and our deck. Two days until laughter and tears.  Two days.  They are here for six weeks.  It's going to be great.  The timing is perfect as we could use some positive distractions in our lives.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Scene from a weekend

Last weekend for a brief time we were all home together.  I took great delight having both my daughter and son hanging out in my kitchen.  At the same time.  We are rarely home altogether these days.  I wanted to savour the moment.  I did savour the moment.  We are quickly counting down the days to the longest day of the year.  So far the sunshine and warm temps have fleeting at best.  Today it is grey yet again.  There is a promise of better weather for the weekend.  I live in hope.


In the city for a conference.  I forgot how much I love it.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Love you long time baby

21 years
married life
two 19 year olds
one boy 
one girl
two hamsters
some beta fish
a green cheeked parakeet named Oiseaux
and currently one Husky who goes by Echo
whom we have decided is becoming deaf
several careers for me
one for him
one shared apartment
one townhouse
two houses
3 back surgeries
one heart attack
Friday night pizza night
craft beer
good wine
movie nights
so many, many memories and god grant many more

Sunday, May 25, 2014

projects and lists

  • seasonal tree photo 
  • gut the junk drawers 
  • summer activity list
  • new playlists for using elliptical machine 
  • reading list - at least one novel this summer - at least one
  • west of hope - my abandoned house photographer project is at a stand still 
  • playlist for my 50th birthday shindig at the end of the year 
  • puzzle for summer (thanks bb)
  • more cardio exercise required
These are just some of things floating in my brain and on my list to do.  In the midst of all of this I am still parenting two 19 year olds trying to find their way.  I am working, working at my job and aiming for a more consistent summer income.  I am finally seeing some progress with my new business and that is a ton of fun. The rain is ridiculous and it is just about killing me. Not really.  And the light of the suffering I see in the greater world complaining about the weather seems indulgent and embarrassing but, I do struggle.  The cloud literally weighs heavy on my soul.  I miss my friends.  They will be back for a visit in June.  There is a lot of living to do between now and June 22 but, I hold that day in my heart.  

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