Wednesday, April 02, 2014

one more birthday

Big birthday weekend past.  19 years old.  We had a great weekend and we are continuing our celebrations this coming Saturday by going to see Neutral Milk Hotel together.  We raised our children on that music and so great we can all go and see them play live.  Perfect timing.  

We ate chocolate coconut cake.  I improvised a recipe from Whitewater Cooks  We added the cocoa powder.  We served it with vanilla frozen yogurt and strawberries.  

The daughter has her last day of classes tomorrow - the end of the first term.  She will be coming home Easter weekend.  This year Pascha falls on the same weekend as Western Easter so we will all enjoy the days off.  Well - I get Holy Friday off, but not the Monday.  Le sigh.  As my friend Vic says. 

We have enjoyed blue skies and sunny skies the past couple of days and it makes all the difference.

Monday, March 24, 2014

updated with text

I took this photo this past weekend.  I have decided to use it as a guide post.  We generally walk this trail at least once a week.   I will take the same photo each time to track the change in seasons.  It is something.  I have really lost my creative way.  So, I am looking to start with small, baby steps and develop a discipline and order back into my life.  

Yesterday was a day of "woe is me. I am woe".  That is when I need to crank up the gratitude and focus on what truly is important.  Do the things I am able to do.  Have faith.  Trust.  I am right where I am supposed to be.  Instead of lamenting where I am and choices I have made, the only thing for it is to move forward and make different choices.  Feeling sorry for myself really gets me nowhere.

So here is my list of things I am grateful for in no particular order:
  • my daughter who is growing into an articulate young woman
  • my son who is learning what it means to fight battles
  • my husband who is loyal to a fault and so very supportive
  • for a job that allows me some freedom to move around
  • for a roof over my head
  • for property that will allow me to grow my own veggies this summer
  • for friends who listen
  • for ears that work and are able to listen to music that inspires me and to guidance from peers and friend
  • for eyes that see - I love to read and I am grateful that I have this gift
  • for vanilla rooibas tea - my new favourite
  • for longer days
  • for rye bread and peanut butter
Let's make it a grand Tuesday.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Well one photo is from the weekend and one from today.  Thursday we cheered on our local BCHL team the Rivermen to a victory.  It was a great game.  Decent hockey and great value - great people watching and you feel good supporting a local team and local family run enterprise.  The ultimately lost the game and series on Friday night but, it was fun playoff run.  

Today was filled with chores and a meeting for another local sports team the Langley Rams jr. football team. Home in time for an epic walk through the woods and then home to make dinner and we are about to watch August Osage County.  

Tomorrow liturgy.  My son's taxes.  More laundry and chores.  Curried vegetables and rice on the menu. My parents will be arriving tomorrow afternoon.  They will be staying at my sister's house in the city.  

It has been a difficult road of late for us.  I am not one to bemoan and there is no real point in second guessing decisions that have been made.   Must.  Keep.  Moving.  Forward.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

a few words

In my neck of the woods there is road construction.  All of the township the infrastructure is being upgraded or changed to accommodate new developments.  This can be distracting and time consuming at times. Yesterday I drove past the actual destination I had meant to get to... because there was so much chaos on the roads I did not even recognize the street.  This lead me to take a little drive into the rural part of town.  I decided to embrace the moment and park my car and take some photos.  I only had my iphone with me at the time.  I have gotten out of habit of carrying anything else in my vehicle.  

It is pouring rain today.  Again.  I am hesitant to complain because I know spring will come but, the darkness and wet days are becoming loathsome to me.  I have done well this year.  I have battled against the darkness and can count on my hand the days that I found particularly hard.  The reality is that there was other stuff to focus on.  I am busy - I am working at breaking down my time into chunks that are dedicated to single tasks. That seems to be working.  I am less likely to get distracted by email or phone calls when I know that I will attend to them in the next allotted bit of time.

Today is a production day.  In the office for the balance of the morning.   Appointments after lunch. Nothing scheduled for this evening as of yet.   

Sunday, March 16, 2014

and so a party happened....

Yesterday amidst the monsoon we celebrated the 40th birthday of one of my dearest friends.
We were privileged to enter into the family celebrations - there was good food and conversation - meeting people who we have heard about but never met.  There was some live music and dancing.  

Today we went to liturgy and now there is curried lentil soup and some mashed potatoes for the son whose wisdom teeth were extracted on Thursday.  We will do laundry and enjoy the inside day.  Because it is still raining.  

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