Sunday, October 23, 2005

those green things...

Yesterday, Saturday was a beautiful day. A gift of a day. The sky was entirely blue and the day warm; perfect weather to work in the garden. We have many, many - too many perennials... for us to look after. We are inviting friends and family to come and take what they will - and next spring we will simply our garden.

We spent hours trimming back all the flowers that had gone to seed; went to war on the morning glory... to which we prefer the British term "bindweed". We can now see the back cedar hedge. It was good work. My muscles ached with tiredness, there is something rather purifying about weeding. You can see the progress - you learn to recognize what is a weed and your first reaction is to yank it out; but a more effective approach is to find the root of the weed and spend your energy there... the result is not immediate but the effects are definitely longer lasting... there is a connection to sin but I am having a difficult time articulating this evening.

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pasivirta said...

mmmm, gardening, weed whacking, fun times. hey, you should join the st. herman's blog ring, Fr. Justin set it up recently, I think you can find it through the church website.

be well, I will see you guys in december. I got to go to the cathedral this weekend, I spent sunday with zeke and cheryl and fr. John scratch, it was great.

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