Wednesday, November 23, 2005

from the community of Grandchamp

Pray and Work
that God may reign
Throughout your day
let work and rest
be animated by
the Word of God

Keep inner silence
in all things and
you will dwell in Christ

Be filled with the Spirit
of the Beatitudes

Joy, Simplicity, Mercy
-from the rule of prayer, communaute de grandchamp


biss said...

"Keep the inner silence/ in all things."
That's incredible wisdom--something I would like to do.
Inner does one accomplish that?

thomasw said...

by being quiet and thinking before opening your mind? that sounds like a lot of spiritual mumbo-jumbo:)

RW said...


One of things I am striving to teach my children is to learn to be still physically. Discipline the body not to fidgit.

If we learn to be still on the outside we will have an easier time being still on the inside....

Simply Victoria said...

good advice.
I am a fidgiter.
"I told you I was a flibberdygibbit!"

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