Wednesday, November 16, 2005

on being exiled + a few other thoughts

So, I was told that I am being moved today. I am changing work stations. I have a window seat of Surrey from 22 floors above ground. Whalley, yes the same one that makes Hannah uncomfortable looks quite lovely from my perspective. I am being moved to accomodate new staff on the floor. You may think, really, what is the big deal? Well, we work in close quarters and you get to know your neighbours.... so it will be sad to leave the people around me and I will have to work at establishing new relationships. The dynamic will change... Moving from comfortable to not so comfortable. After many years of being orthodox I am starting to get the fact that God calls me to be uncomfortable... edgy faith. I get it - just not so happy about it. Everytime I get to a point where I am about to settle and rest... something happens to pull me out... it is letting go of the idea that I am in control of my life. Thank the Master that I am not. Surely, it would messy.

I was on the bus today and listening to a local radio station. I have a wide ecclectic range of music tastes... I was thinking that this is one way I can maintain a relationship with Hannah as she also enjoys music. I clean my house to rather loud rock music. I like drinking my coffee on Saturday mornings listening to medieval church music.

A fellow blogger posted on the topic of silence. This reminded me of a short story I read during university. I then started to search for the story and found another short story.... and while I was standing in front of my bookshelf I started pulling other texts down and reminiscing about the times I read this or that... I love reading outloud with my son. My Chaim Potok collection are treasures to me.

I am struggling with the blog thing. I want to read what is happening to the people I care about. I love the fact that others can share inspiring stories or suggest "read this" - go there - but - time is so precious. I stayed up far too late last night. It is about making choices - what do I do with the little bit of free time I have. Laundry takes a low priority ... just ask Thomas how often he is scrambling for socks...

Fellowship with others is life sustaining - critical to my well being. I am thankful for all the support and love I have received from my friends. I am humbled by their generosity.

I work with some exceptional people. Today at lunch I had a date with a Muslim coworker - we walked to Starbucks. I love chatting with her as she and I can talk spiritual struggles - she is a real gift to me. I also work with other Christans - from all backgrounds.... just knowing we are there together makes a huge difference on the days when the "going gets tough".

I am blessed - I am unworthy of such a husband. He is stubborn and loyal. The things that drive me crazy are the very same things that make him a good mate. We balance each other out.

My children
Who are these little folk who inhabit my house with me? I am amazed at their unique personalities. I love conversing with them. I love to see what excites them... to see them discern their passion. I love hearing about their perceptions. They also drive me crazy.... notice a trend?


Magdalen said...

Isn't it funny how the things in life that are the best for you, that are the most enriching and the most rewarding and of the most value, are precisely the things that drive you the most crazy?
huh. funny.
good to hear from you. see you sunday I hope.

pasivirta said...

mmmmmmm. sounds like hot tea and a muffin from the oven on a cold day.

thank you for sharing.

kimberley said...

hey i'm excited about our saint nicholas day. i decided to pass on an art market this weekend, so i'll have a few hats to string up and display. it's going to be a fun day. thanks for getting it going...

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