Thursday, December 01, 2005


I would like to recommend a book/author :

Tomi DePaulo

This particular book is an illustrated Christmas carol. But he, Tomie has many written/ illlustrated over 200 children's books. There are some fantastic reads and the pictures are lovely. Reminds me a bit of Jenny.


thomasw said...

no more lino stamps then?

Simply Victoria said...

cool! I love tomi depaulo. I've got a bible book that he did. it's lovely.

MommaKim said...

TdP always has such wonderfully subtle religious imagery. His books are a great example of how to show the normalacy of faith in every day life. Read "Thundercake". It is a wonderful story of a babuska grandma helping her grandaughter deal with her fear of thunderstorms. Look for the icon corner on one of the pages

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