Friday, December 09, 2005

Sweeter christmas music...

So, I went in search of the Shawn Colvin CD that Matthew Francis recommended... but no luck at the local big store close to where I work; I was tempted by many other CD's, but I remained focused on my mission. Then I cut through my local Zellers on the way back and lo and behold - I found this Christmas CD for a meager $7.99 (tax not included). Yahoo! I thought! Most of the tracks are from the 1960's and it as fabulous as I thought it would be. Johnny sings classic christmas carols and recites a story and you know he is singing with faith. Beautiful.


thomasw said...

yea, his christmas guest story is a special 'tune'. i wish rick rueben had produced it though:) too much background singing/orchestration going on. but johnny is the sine qua non.

Matthew Francis said...

That looks great! Good ole' John.

I have his cd of songs from his Mother's Hymnal, too, which is also inspiring.

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