Friday, March 03, 2006

Marjorie Corbman

I picked up this book to read before I start Great Lent.

Marjorie writes "When I was eleven, maybe twelve, during the unhappiest period in my life, I remember being turned speechless by a painting of Christ. It's all blurry now, surreal almost, and the only thing I remember is His eyes. They were so grave, so deep, so loving; they shook me to the core."

As my children are about to leave the age of ten behind... I worry - will these be unhappy years fraught with confusion and unknowing. How can I help them navigate adolsecence in this world? My own heart aches.


thomasw said...

wow, a painting did that?!

Matthew Francis said...

Reminds me of the first icon of Christ I remember really seeing, when I was 17.

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