Sunday, April 16, 2006

kairos vs chronos

Kairos - is an ancient greek word meaning the "right or opportune moment".

Before the Divine Liturgy begins , the Deacon exclaims to the priest "It is time (kairos) for the Lord to act, indicating that we are about to crash into the Kingdom.

I have often marvelled at the two ways to mark time. In my normal day to day life - I live in the world marked by chronological time. Monday, I do this. Tuesday we do that. We go through our days following a schedule - life often becomes hectic and we seem pressed for time.

Holy Week is entirely different. I take Holy Thursday, Holy Friday, Holy Saturday and Bright Monday as holidays. We no longer mark time by the world and our external obligations. We mark time liturgically. The first time we did this was when we travelled to the Island to spend Holy Week and Pascha with our good friends Andrew and Susan and their children Rachel and Ben. They were received into the Orthodox Church about three years ago. This was a life altering trip for Thomas and myself. We could focus on the liturgical services and prepare to go to church. We were not rushed and scattered. It sets the time apart as Holy. We remove Hannah and Luke from school on Holy Friday and we try to eliminate all other obligations as much as we can. It was easier when we were away from home; but that is what we strive for.

See you at Church!


kimberley said...

i remember you telling me about your ferry trip home, that year. you were filled with so much eternal joy. !

a blessed holy week to you ramona. (i'll be with your island friends this pascha.)

RW said...

Peace to you and yours too. You will have a wonderful time over there.

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