Friday, May 12, 2006

the evening before a full day

It is Friday evening. Finally. I worked 5 days, had one day off and then another 5 days. Today 3 people called in sick, one is on disability and one was on holidays. Needless to say that it was crazy busy. The day flew by, I worked an hour of overtime and then got stuck in traffic. Came home just in time to take Hannah to dance, and buy some good healthy snacks for the rock climbing adventure tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Hannah and Luke go rock climbing, well sort of. They are going to practise outside.

We are going to do chores. The weather is supposed to be very fine. I am going to get my garden going... we are going to move over all our terra cotta planters from the grand parents place. We are going to plant cedars. We are going to take Echo for a long walk. We are going take all our bottles back to the depot. Then we are going to a work function evening for a bit.

I am looking forward to being outside. I will ignore the dust and the laundry. I am thankful for the break from my "day" job.


thomasw- said...

yes i long for the rest and non-committed time of the weekends....

Victoria said...

a good busy.
I try to avoid crazy busy in my life, but sometimes it really is inevitable.
especially (ESPECIALLY!!) with kids.
ah, but they're worth it, no?

Linty said...

Hey, you have to be a Madeleine L'Engle fan, with "an acceptable time" and "kairos vs. chronos" ...

I'm Michelle, Peter Chattaway's sister - I've been to St. Herman's a few times over the past three years so we may or may not have met, and I may or may not have been introduced to you - I have a terrible memory for names ...

Anyhoo, I'm just poking around some of the websites of Peter's friends right now.

So, hey! I like L'Engle a lot too. :D

RW said...

Thanks Michelle!

I am a Madeleine L'engle fan. I like her older stuff and the autobiographical pieces. Do you have very curly hair? I think we did meet.


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