Monday, August 07, 2006

chest pains

Do you ever get the sensation that joy is piercing your heart? It is pain and it is joy and it is fleeting. Moments when you hear a chord struck, lyric sung, a vision of a full moon on a clear night or reading a word and your breath is taken away. It is a real physical pain. I am stunned when I feel it and I lament it passes so quickly. I am thankful for the experience and know that it is pure grace - and yet, I continue to end up sinning against those I love. Pathetic.


Joe, Stacey and Joshua Parson said...

Wow, you sure have a way with words! That was beautiful!

The Pleasant Peasant said...

I love that feeling, as painful as it can be. Honestly, I think that feeling is the reason I listen to the music I do. I find songs that can stir up that particular chest pain. (I could go on about this, saying all sorts of mushy things, but Ill leave it at the music.)

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