Saturday, August 05, 2006

Troilus and Cresssida

Thomas and I were fortunate to view this play produced by Bard on the Beach. It was directed by David Mackay - who is no stranger to Bard, having been involved for 9 seasons. This was his directorial debut. What a play to have chosen!

I had not read this play - I did read this synopsis before attending the production. I have to admit that of all the plays - this one was the one I was least excited about attending.

But, I am delighted to say that I enjoyed the production. Now, to be clear the play itself left me wondering what was Shakespeare's intention. It was almost as though there should have been another act. The romance story in the first half of the play involving the title characters was left unresolved. The war is still being fought. I did not leave the production with a "what a great story" feeling.

I did leave the theatre praising the actors - and the director. I thought Mackay took a difficult story and told it well. I enjoyed seeing the diversity in ablilities compared to the acting in "A Winter's Tale". I thought they managed to play up the humour where they could. I enjoyed the setting - the American Civil War and the use of southern accents pleasantly surprised me.

It was a lovely evening.


thomasw said...

a well acted production; the story leaves one hanging. but the production was crisp and tight.

Owen's Mama said...

Victoria and planning to go see this show soon. Or maybe A Winters Tale. Not sure.

Mimi said...

Oooh, that sounds so awesome! What a gift to see it.

My Dh and I saw it a few years ago in Ashland, like you, it was low on my list, but very well done.

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