Saturday, December 23, 2006

christmas break

The first day of Christmas break. Yesterday, I was able to be home to greet my children upon their return from school. A delight for us both. In February I will move to a Tuesday to Saturday schedule so I look forward to being home on Monday afternoons.

It is pouring rain here on the West Coast of BC. There is no chance of snow. Hard to believe that the massive dump of white stuff landed here a month ago. Found a tiny remnant of it in the Best Buy parking lot last night. I am very excited about this incredibly great deal on a gift for the two eleven year olds we stumbled upon.

I have broken out the Christmas Blend (I am very pleased Starbucks is calling it Christmas Blend again. When I worked there it morphed into Holiday blend for a time being. I am listening to the music from the Nutcracker this morning. I have to go out briefly but it should be a good quiet day.

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Mr. Thompson said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Christ is born [since I won't be web-logging again until well after the day]!

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