Sunday, December 31, 2006


We watched Little Miss Sunshine last night. Luke's comments were " a little bit funny, a little bit sad".

My favourite part was when the uncle and Dwayne were talking about Proust and suffering. Teenage years are prime suffering years. You don't want to miss the suffering years as that is where you learn. I don't know if highschool is where the prime suffering takes place but I agree that suffering is essential to our spiritual development.


elizabeth said...

blessings to you as your children continue to grow... thank God they grow under His protection...

Mimi said...

My husband and I saw it without the kids, and I am thinking that we need to buy it and watch it with our 15 year old, because it does speak a lot to that teenage angst, and Proust as well.

And, I have rarely laughed that hard.

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