Tuesday, February 05, 2008

apres the weekend

the dishwasher was delivered.... and the guys driving the truck said "did you purchase this with a broken leg" as they knew it was a floor model.

No, it was not a broken leg but a replaced kickplate... there was no way we could install it with a broken leg so we said no thanks to the delivery and we called the vendor. And we waited.

The mechanic called to say my car was ready and the snow was still falling. As soon as Mr. W came home we jumped in the subaru to pick up my car and the vendor called - they will repair the leg and give us a 5 year warranty no charge for our trouble - they will deliver next Monday. One more week of washing dishes by hand.

We are half way through season two of LOST and Charlie has burned his bridges.

Dance was cancelled due to snow.

The X-ray shows no hairline fracture.

We are preparing for the second annual Q J and W weekend at the cabin in the mountains.


Mimi said...

Arg, I hope the dishwasher gets sorted out. And, stay safe.

LOST is so good, isn't it?

RW said...

Hey. Mimi.
Yes. Lost is very good.

RW said...
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