Monday, April 14, 2008


- taxes filed - finally - that was painful process - we get a refund but I just couldn't sit down long enough to work through the program

- laundry within reach

- groceries (complete with ginger ale for the son who was up in the middle of the night with stomach issues) and subsequently did not go to school and has pretty much slept through the entire day without eating a thing

- vegetable garden weeded to prep for the lettuce

- garden help negotiated - we are hoping next Monday they will be able to come so that it is done before Holy Week

- attempted to locate good friend's missing purse - she left it behind at church and we can't find it; we have since learned that someone put it somewhere safe... but we are not sure just where it is

I still need to go to the stationary store for fine pointe sharpies for writing on CD's. I need a new stapler. I need some paper clips. I need to locate some small rubbermaid storage bins. We bought the last 3 small ones at the large superstore yesterday.

We are off to dance soon. I will run the errands while the daughter dances. I will be glad to go to bed.

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