Wednesday, April 30, 2008

some thoughts

I have written a letter to the editor of our local paper about the loss of my son's bicyle.

I am wondering about the cost of bread. It is about $4 to purchase good bread these days. We don't eat a lot of bread but it makes me shake my head. And the cost of gas - $1.25 litre... that makes me shake my head too. It makes me think I may need to look for a job closer to home. My husband and I have talked about working closer together so we can commute together but the odds of that happening seems unlikely. So, then both of us can look for work closer to home. My husband is a teacher and quite enjoys his school; it would be a great loss to him to change communities.

I am wondering why the heck is it so cold and foggy out on the last day of April?

I think I need a good piece of fiction to read.

I have submitted a story idea to my writing tutor.

Last Sunday evening - we had good friends stop by - we were all slightly tired and full of chocolate and cheese and roasted lamb... (not me - I am not a fan of lamb) but we stumbled on a GREAT IDEA for a business. I am super excited about it and I took charge and gave everyone a task and we meet again next weekend to report back on all our findings.

This weekend we will venture forth and pot up our container garden... and I WILL plant the lettuce.


Tabatha said...

OH!The cost of bread! Kevin's favourite bread is $5.19! Needless to say I now only buy it if it is on sale.

I know I shouldn't complain because at least I can buy bread (or make it at home) whereas the Haitians are making & eating dirt cookies (literally) because rice costs so much.

alice c said...

We pay about £1.18 per litre of diesel which is approx $2.40. It costs the equivalent of $140 to fill my tank - which certainly cuts down on wasteful journeys!

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