Saturday, May 24, 2008

grabbing hold of the day

I am a fortunate one. My schedule dictated that I have another 3 day weekend. And while I am thankful for the extra day I am burdened by the many things that require my time and attention. I sometimes feel that I will never see the surface.

*floors - all of them. The kitchen tiles especially but the hardwood too. There is dust everywhere. And footprints.

*bathrooms - I am also thinking I might want to change the paint colour in the main bathroom... just for fun - you know - in my spare time.

*laundry - This is always going to be on the list and I am starting to be OK with that. I am tutoring my daughter in the ways of the laundry. My son is now the official chief lawnmower. That is his job and it is an enormous responsibility and so the daughter gets the laundry. Anyway, she has a hard time staying on task so it takes forever. And apparently she requires more guidance on just how much liquid laundry detergent is required per load as the jug is empty... and it was supposed to last for 50 loads...and it irks me that she cannot match up the corners when she folds... why does that bother me so much?

*the youth's rooms need to be addressed. I am not cleaning them but they need some supervision and assistance. Dust issues here too.

*Review about 100 applications and reference letters for scholarships for my work - I am on the scholarship committe and my top 4 choices are due Tuesday at 9.30 am.

*church financials need to be finished up for the end of the year.


*library - this is not really a chore and it is something I enjoy but due to work hours I have limited access to our local library and so it has to squeezed in on Saturday - so it goes on the list.

*work on my the next step for my writing assignment.

So, now that the list is doesn't seem too bad. My son has football practise today - it is the last day of the more casual approach to practise. The gear is signed out on Wednesday and then the actual tackling begins.

I need to quickly run to the store for more laundry soap. What shall we have for dinner? BBQ something or other... with vegetables. I have to eat more vegetables. Maybe salmon on cedar plank.

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alice c said...

Good grief! I feel exhausted just reading the list. I hope that you got a minute or two to breathe.

And now I think I will go and lie down and feel inadequate.

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