Thursday, July 24, 2008

making plans

The final countdown to my holidays. I am thinking about what I want to accomplish over the next two weeks.

*maybe go camping
*visit the Okanagan and pick up some new wines for the winter
*extend the deck ( I will be in the supervisory role)
*visit with friends
*organize the children's rooms in preparation for entry into grade 8

I very much want to have time to relax - I don't want to be rushing here and there.


Simply Victoria said...

wow, when does vacation start for you? lucky. me too, actually, aug8th.
so did you hear that the deal fell through on the house. >:( grrrrr.
somebody just playing games trying to get our house for a steal. jerks.
oh well.
we have another showing today, and then by the end of july we take it off the market and take back the rest of our summer.

blackbird said...

Glad to hear that deck project will be only supervisory for you - though that's not without headaches.

Hoping you have the relaxation you crave soon.

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