Friday, August 15, 2008

the end of the week

I sit with glass of wine and watch the sun set.

It has cooled off considerably.

I don't work tomorrow.

My son finally became motivated to put the contact lens in his eye. This makes me very happy as the football season is upon in a few weeks. We were not forcing him to wear contacts but, I was gently encouraging him to give it a try. Motivation is the key. You have to be motivated to stick your finger on your eyeball. He was quite excited about the new mobility and now he can wear "cool" sunglasses. His papa's wayfarers.

I am getting more exercise.

I have stuck to my one americano per day rule so far.

I am drinking more water.

I think I have been less critical.


elizabeth said...

lots of good things. :)

i know it can be suprisingly hard not to be critical; i realize that i can also be inwardly critical of myself; to eat one self alive does not make sense! i am glad that God promises to be compassionate...

wishing you another good week with these goals. :)

Mimi said...

He's braver than I am. I am so eye squeamish, if I wore contacts, I'd have to faint, and have someone put them in for me.

blackbird said...

Well done.
Small victories often bring big rewards.

Simply Victoria said...

good for luke!
it took sam days and days to finally gather up enough courage to 'touch his eyeball' as he so horrifyingly put it.
boys are so squeamish about that. :)

Jess said...

The first week or so I wore contacts (in high school) it took FOREVER to get them in each morning. But now? The simplest thing.

Isn't the cool weather delicious?

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