Monday, September 22, 2008

a moment

The sun is shining and there is a lawn full of dew. I have opened the windows and it is breezy and cool. I was slightly overwhelmed by the chaos of my home. Every room is a disaster and I am not overstating this. I had words with my daughter - about something so ridiculous - I hate starting the morning this way.

I stepped outside and realized the sun was shining and just how beautiful the day promised to be. I took a deep breath and prayed "Glory to God, who has shown us the light." I asked my children to be more attentive to their world and we move forward.

Maybe I need to help them be more organized. Maybe they need things written down. Maybe I expect too much from my 13 year olds.

I will do as much as I am able, I will slow down and breathe. I will go to my pilates class.

As it goes.


elizabeth said...

Thank you - loved the image. when i was 13 i was utterly clueless regarding organization. of course i still struggle with this!!! :)

blackbird said...


Simply Victoria said...

I hope you had a good monday.

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