Saturday, July 25, 2009

post review

Oh. My. The football game was a bust. Seriously. It was like they forgot they were supposed to try and win. Effort. None. It was painful to watch. The only good thing about the night was the fact that my husband and I were out together. A date. It reinforced in my mind how important it is to just hang out together. So, often our lives get busy and we communicate on a level of what needs to get done; who needs to be where and when, what are going to have for dinner? - and we forgot to just enjoy each others company.

We received a text from our son that he would prefer to come home earlier from a party he was attending - so we picked him and a pizza up and came home.

In other news - we have purchased new cleats for the football season. We are on the hunt for a different pointe shoe for my daughter. Her ballet camp starts next week. We are gearing up for some seriously warm weather - the tent will be erected and the pinot gris will be chilled. Our best friends have all gone away and so we will have a quiet weekend and that is OK with me.

5 more working days.


elizabeth said...

I love your labels. They add so much so often.

Yes. really communication and time. Why are our lives always so busy? Sigh.

Good for your son to know when he wanted to leave a social event. That's awesome.

Victoria said...

still looking forward to some of that good backyard living with you guys.
sounds like all is mostly well?
miss you.

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