Tuesday, September 08, 2009

the autumn list


Motivated by the change in temperature and the odd falling leaf; inspired by many other bloggers
I have created my own list that fall shall bring.

My focus these past few months has been to find the beauty in the ordinary. Search out goodness and take the time to be appreciative. And so, while I lament the easy, relaxed days of summer that have passed I am ready to embrace routine and structure.

  • soup and bread for supper
  • zucchini bread
  • football season officially kicks off this Saturday - 8 season games
  • apple fest - at a local university garden - heritage varieties available
  • baking pies - apple and pumpkin
  • birthdays
  • wearing boots and tights
  • collecting chestnuts
  • falling leaves


elizabeth said...

Nice. Boots and tights. Twice nice I would say.

T. said...

I too am looking forward to fall...sweaters and soup :) Mmmmm...

Where do you go to apple fest? Fall now always makes me think about the fall we spent in MA.

Victoria said...

mmmm. fall apples.
spicy mulled apple cider.

snowbird said...

Those flowers are beauuuutiful!

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