Sunday, September 06, 2009

no banana bread

We did not bake banana bread. Instead my daughter took the initiative and decided we should bake a cake. She chose poppy seed sour cream cake. I guided her through the process - she made a great cake. With cream cheese icing. We ate it and watched State of Play. We enjoyed the movie - had a few good twists in it. I always love a good journalism tale.

We moved the free desk inside. It had been sanded and stained. We opted not varnish the top at our own peril... anyone with a drink needs to use a coaster and really should you be drinking while you are on the computer? We shall see how that goes.

Laundry was done until we used up the last of the detergent. Everything was folded and distributed.

The son's room was debunked. We moved out the Lego. Not far - just to a corner of a less used room. But, I was still kind of sad. We went through his jeans. Today the T-shirts.

My daughter tidied her own room.

It never really rained very much.


Tabatha said...

Go rent the BBC miniseries. It is pretty awesome and is what is the movie is based of off.

Cake sounds YUM!

Victoria said...

yummy. she's becoming quite the little baker, eh?

blackbird said...

Your days sound like mine...brownies and Middle's room...Oh! I need to throw in some laundry!

elizabeth said...

Nice. Good job daughter!

It is sad about the legos; it will always be part of him though; just last night some of my freinds were discussing the merits of legos...

I will look up the movie.

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