Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the work week begins

  • sigh
  • spending some quiet time adjusting the attitude - grateful I have a job and that it is relatively close by - that the commute is easy - that I have the weekends free - and that I work with really great people - 
  • it snowed.  and it stayed.  and it is very cold.  so we have BLACK ICE which is deadly.
  • the cable guy showed up.  LATE.  and pretended it was no big deal.
  • working on a package to send a far away friend 
  • found a great new knitting project to try
  • accupuncture a great success - feeling like we are definitely on the right track - and some true healing is happening. 
  • starting to think about spring - and garden planning - ideas germinating - 
Enjoy your day.


T. said...

I'm glad to hear about the acupuncture. I love the knitting project. If I could knit, this is the type of thing I would knit. I also frequently find myself wishing I had arm-warmers lately.

Mimi said...

Stay safe and the tea looks lovely! Enjoy!

elizabeth said...

love the tea picture... glad the acupuncture is working! love to you.

Sarah in Indiana said...

The cable guy probably wasn't pretending--no big deal to him. So fun to wait around for that stuff.

That looks like the sort of thing I love to knit.

emily wierenga said...

i understand this "sigh." i love your photos and your way of writing. over here from deb's.

Anna Ander said...

What is black ice? It sounds very Sleepy Hollow-ish.

So happy to hear about the acupuncture!

And that photo was exactly what I needed to start my day (though it's already Wednesday over here).


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