Saturday, March 26, 2011

the plan

  •  is package up the Olympus and send it for repair
  •  is to build an 8 x 6 darkroom this summer
  •  is to find some creative financing for both 
  •  is to hire the 16 year old boys hanging about our house to dig the trench for the water and electrical
  •  is for Mr. W and buddies to tear down the old shed
  •  is to keep moving - keep writing - keep shooting photos
  •  is to turn the garden soil and plant some seeds
  •  is to find new ways to eat salad
  •  is to get back into the habit of giving blood
  • is to do pilates 2x week
  • is to pray daily
inspired by Tara's spring manifesto 


    deb colarossi said...

    I like your plan(s).
    I think I need one.
    The days slip by too quickly without one sometimes.

    Jane said...

    Sounds good. I need to make one too and stick with it!

    Anna Ander said...

    I love the photo. Beautiful. And the plan sounds good. I need one too. Or wait, maybe I just need to stick to the one I've got.

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