Monday, March 07, 2011


The light makes all the difference.  I dropped my son off at school and hit the grocery shop early.  That is the time to shop.  I was in and out in record time.  Then pilates.  A very good class.  Learned some moves I can do on the mat at home.  This will help me move forward.  I am feeling much stronger.  In more than the just physical.

For those who like to be visually inspired and love diptychs... check out London vs Paris

For those who like the Fleet Foxes - check out these threes new tunes by their frontman.

And visit here for more inspiration 3191 Miles Apart

Happy Monday.


Anna Ander said...

So much inspiration in just one post! Listening to the the new songs as I type. Thank you. Such a good start of this Tuesday morning for me.

Mimi said...

I agree, thank you for the inspiration.

Some of the Fleet Foxes went to high school with the son of a woman in my book club. That's like three degrees, right?

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