Wednesday, March 30, 2011

nary a salad/ random bits

Thanks for all the birthday wishes.  I was pleased to share the greetings with the young ones.  It was a good day.  It will be a good week.  We feasted on a family dinner fit for kings and queens on Monday night.  Complete with ice cream cake.  We broke the fast for this occasion.   The ice cream cake was deemed "serious yum".  Nary a salad was consumed.  Yorkshire puddin', mashed potatoes, roast beast and a simple but delicious dish of carrots, onions and cheese. 

The Olympus is on its way for repair.  We actually bought a 2 year warranty - and it was still covered.  Otherwise - the repair would have been questionable use of resources. 

It is pouring rain.  A deluge.  It is dark and ugly and does not look anything like spring. 

It is a short work week.  Today is my last day.  Tomorrow I am off to the hospital for a nerve block injection right into the sciatic nerve.  I am looking forward to being pain free.  It could last 2 years, 4 - 6 months or not at all. 

Happy Wednesday.


T. said...

Good luck with the hospital visit! Oh I hope it works and lasts for a long time.

Victoria said...

oh man. roast beast and yorkshires. I have toyed with vegetarianism, but it those thoughts utterly vanish at the mere mention of these two words. sigh.

I pray that the pain stays away for as long as possible! thoughts and prayers coming your way friend.

wv: speed.

elizabeth said...

prayers re hospital. love to you and family

Natalia Toronchuk said...

I am reading poetry by Canadian poet Karen Solie and she reminds me of you for some reason. I will have to contemplate why. I am glad that you write.

theresia said...

I hope this injection will keep you pain free for a long, long time. Good luck!

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