Thursday, March 03, 2011


finally scanned some images
well to be honest
mr w scanned them for me
it does not seem easy to me
after a most frustrating, challenging day at work
I just wanted it done.
so I 
could focus on 
the fun stuff

someone gave me so 200 speed film
so I am going to set my light metre
and head out tomorrow on my lunch

partners are away and/ or busy with life
I languish


Lil'M said...

soon enough, my pretty!
the camera is hungry and i must feed it, not to mention put into action all the cool things that are being learned!
take it easy!

deb colarossi said...

Hope you have a sunshine filled weekend. It is pouring here, but I'm heading out for a walk regardless. There are signs of spring to be found.

And you know, I'm going to find some hope partners. I can't seem to conquer this camera thing on my own, and maybe this would help.

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