Saturday, March 05, 2011

We went in search of adventure.  Discovered a whole new area to explore.  Possibilities stretch before us.  Along the way we found this treasure of a building.  Technically not abandoned.  Met the owner who was working in the back yard.  Visited my husband's old stomping grounds and one of the homes he grew up in.  The sun did shine some.  Drank a carmel macchiato in anticipation that tomorrow is cheese fare sunday.  Then Lent hits hard and fast.


Victoria said...

sounds like a great day tromping around with husband. we sorta did the same thing. it's nice when your husband is also your best friend, eh?

elizabeth said...

blessed lent to you.

biss said...

All of these wonderful pictures make me think the same thing: You are beautiful.

Thanks for sharing love with us.

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