Thursday, April 14, 2011

half way through

I woke to rain this morning.  Swell.  I never used to notice the weather.  Maybe because I grew up in the Okanagan where it was mostly dry. 

Life has been difficult lately.  There is no one big thing, but more daily challenges that exhaust me.  One of the ways I have been coping is to call it quits early.  In bed before 10 pm.  Part of me thinks that is lame.  There is a lot of living to do between 9.30pm and 11.  But, the other part of me knows that I will crash and burn fairly quickly if I don't conserve energy.

I don't have the drive to pick up my camera.   But,  there are few things that excite me.  I discovered a Storytelling group in the city Rain City Chronicles - think of submitting a story...

This here is an interesting blog.

The lovely Jen Lee has created a Multi media resource on Finding Your Voice.   Jen was one of the leaders of the retreat I attended in November.

I continue to be inspired by Tara Thayer over at Eyeblog.  And the folks at Habit.  

I am thankful for my health and for my family.  For sweet oranges and toasted almonds.  


Anna Ander said...

I'm always in bed by ten. It's not lame, it's survival. Last night I stayed up until 0.25 and today I have all the symptoms of a mighty hangover. How lovely to be in such excellent shape...

Thinking of you.

elizabeth said...

yes; I need to be more this way too; it is hard, being disciplined with sleep.

Hang on my dear friend, the end is near and Pascha is drawing near.

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