Thursday, April 07, 2011

lavendar ...lavender

Thursday - half way through the work week.  More than halfway through school.  I am feeling slightly overwhelmed on behalf of my daughter.   She worked till 11 pm.  She has a math quiz, and in class English essay and a Socials test.  All today - along with a dance critique that is due.  Part of her stress is poor planning on her part - that is not her strength.  She also doesn't like when I jump in and organize her life because it makes her feel even less capable.... so we dance our way through,... she will figure it out.  But, I feel for her because I despise the feeling that you are barely able to keep your head above water. 

My son has his own worries too.  Which he shared with me - which is hard for him.  He is not a sharer.  I am hoping he sensed my support.  Again.  More more important to listen rather than offer my interpretation of the event or my solution.  Sometimes solutions are overrated.

I wish I could make their lives easier.  I hope they are learning to stand firm in the discomfort and work their way through.  I hope they see that I struggle with the same challenges and survive.  Bruised but alive.  Does that sound dramatic and over stated?  Life can be a tough go.  But, there are moments of joy and peace.  I am learning that we take the joy and peace and bliss as it comes - they carry us through the difficult bits - and so it goes.  There is no other path but that one.   Ebb and flow.


Anna Ander said...

You're wonderful. That's that. And I'm sure they can feel it.

Mimi said...

I agree with Anna. Hugs, though, I know it is hard, and I know I carry those things too.

I also love lavender, and always spell it wrong too :)

Lots of love and prayers. We are deep in Lent, and it shows.

Jess said...

Gosh, I remember that feeling from high school so vividly - things seemed so hard and frustrating. Hang in there - I can imagine it's just as hard for the parents!

Lil'M said...

How fitting, then, that you put lavender as your picture for today - known for its calming qualities.

Peace go with you, sister.

Mr. P said...



blackbird said...

I hear you.
(They do too.)

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