Tuesday, April 26, 2011


  • back to work - in jeans because it is a game day
  • final push of term 3 - last chance to pull up the socks and get it done - not sure this message is getting through
  • making plans for the garden.  could use some sunshine though
  • not ready to pack the wool socks and turtlenecks away
  • taxes need to get filed.  by the 30th.  
  • film needs developing - hope to drop that off today at lunch
  • more coffee asap
  • more salad
  • more writing


elizabeth said...

it is a hard transition! But thank God it is Bright Week! We can sing the Paschal troparion still today!

love to you.

Victoria said...

good list! jealous about the gardening part. last year the stupid dog that I love so much tore up my gardens. ripped stuff right out. all my new blueberry bushes. he ate all three kale plants. then dug out the root and gnawed on those.
so it seems I can have a garden or I can have a dog. :(

Lil'M said...

oh i had this fantastic salad with baked salmon, lemon spritz, cherry tomatoes, cuccumbers, dill and parsley! oh... and crumbled goat cheese. oh happy bright week!!!

and you got your well wanted sun, though perhaps a little 'late' in the day?

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