Sunday, April 10, 2011


The Olympus is back - hoping to test it out Monday.  Although it is raining today and rain is predicted for tomorrow so that my alter the plans.  I am on the hunt for different colours in my flickr stream. 

Two of my colleagues called in sick on Friday.  I woke early this morning with a splitting headache.  I am not impressed.  I do not have time for sickness.  Could also be worry.  Got a lot of worry going on.

This quote from Pema Chodron has me thinking - "all this messy stuff is your richness, but saying this once is not going to convince you."

We have messy stuff in abundance.

Our good friends are staying in the lower mainland for his residency program.  This is very good news for them.  And for us.  We love them to pieces.  We miss them terribly.  Med school trimphs social life.  

Our washing machine now no longer fully spins to end of cycle.  Seriously.

But, we are home together and I think I will bake some cookies after church.


deb colarossi said...

sending Sunday love..

liz woodbury said...

that pema chodron quote is making me so happy. there are days when i would need it for myself, but today i need it for my 18 year old daughter! thank you.

elizabeth said...

sorry for your worry and messes. HUGS. prayers. thank God for church, the liturgy. it is hard when one misses friends; I relate all to well with this. love to you.

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