Thursday, May 05, 2011


the rain is back.  off to the city for the day. back home.  major confusion at the hospital again.  no appt scheduled for me.  next month they say.  no.  I say.  I wrote it down here.  see?  no they say.  cannot fit me in.  gah. 

the good news is I am home now staring at the 47" flatscreen TV I won.  what the heck?  can you believe it?  we don't have cable.  but, it is pretty darn fabulous.  the movies we will watch.  and the hockey playoffs. 


Lil'M said...

your photography these days is so soft and gentle. i almost come to your page now just to stare and settle... even if i've read the post multiple times over... thank you for sharing and HOOPLA! on the TV! How incredibly unexpected.

Victoria said...

gorgeous colours in this one!

Anna Ander said...

Again?! Unbelievable. And you won a TV? Unbelieveable as well, but in a good way. Enjoy your hockey, my dear Canadian friend.

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