Tuesday, May 10, 2011

new week

I held a 15 day old baby yesterday.  I was amazed at just how tiny and wee she is. 

I think this is one of my favourite images - again taken with the old canon ae-1. 

I am feeling a bit all over the map these days.  My pilates class is going well and I am making good progress.  I am finding my groove with my camera - and I am writing every day.   We are scrambling in the dinner prep.   I am tending towards eating less meat these days.   So are both of my teens.  Mr. W is a reluctant participant in the trend. We made Glory bowls yesterday - recipe here.



T. said...

We make something similar and call it "Naam bowls" because they are like the dragon bowls at the Naam. So good! We usually buy the Naam miso gravy or make our own miso gravy...I will have to try the dressing recipe for the glory bowls!

We are struggling with dinner prep too...thank goodness I bought a lot of healthy convenience food from Trader Joe's on the last trip...we are eating a lot of it.

Victoria said...

cool! I just bought miso gravy.
we are also cutting down on the meat.
a few years back we shared an organic lamb and cow with other family members. I liked this idea and hope we can do it again. it works out to a little more money than the store, as there tends to be less meat, but it fits with our less meat goal anyway.
and then the meat you do get is the best!
same thing with alcohol. we are drinking a lot less, and when we do buy any wine or beer, we can justify buying an expensive bottle since we are buying so much less frequently. This also cuts out A LOT of calories.
the battle of the bulge. we are at the age where we have to be smart about our calories.

elizabeth said...

a 15 day old baby - what a gift to have held her...

I don't eat meat as much but it is also just harder to balance fast/non-fast days so easier just to make soup :) esp. when cooking for only one person most days...

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