Wednesday, May 11, 2011


this photo is from pascha
seems ages ago
church in the middle of the night
my daughter claims "why can we just go to church like normal people" you know in the morning
the rain is back
seriously feeling light depraved
desperately searching for the wool socks again
warmer days are coming right? 


Matthew Francis said...

You take such beautiful pictures, Ramona. I love the one from May 5th! Thank you.

elizabeth said...

normal people? depends which country! :)

We are still in the 40 days of brightness but I know the feeling; we must fight to keep what we have been given...

at the same time I've always loved Fr. L. Akathist Light to those in darkness, which has a line about when the Paschal procession seems far/dim...

Victoria said...

I like your daughter. she makes me smile.

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