Friday, June 17, 2011

no photo

I got nothing.  I am still saddened and disappointed by the whole event on Wednesday night.    We are wrapping up the school year.  We have about a week and half to go before the last final exam is written.  For all intents and purposes school's out for summer.  Cue the music. 
It was a brutal year.  Also disappointing.  We are probably looking at some summer school.  Lame. 

Work is challenging.  How many times have I written that lately?

On a positive note - we are going to see the Mountain Goats tonight.   With friends.


elizabeth said...

hang on; clouds can be heavy but remember that they only block the sun, not destroy it. sending some hugs. am going to monastery. will seek to remember you and family there. love to you.

Victoria said...

cool! where did they play? how was it?

blackbird said...

You know what I think is very hard?
Letting my kids not do well.


deb colarossi said...

oh, love what blackbird said.
so absolutely true.

sending love on your rainy Father's Day.

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