Tuesday, August 30, 2011

catch up

slowly things are happening.
the roofer has been selected.  they can start in about 3 weeks.  we are glad to have made that decision.

the pad for the hot tub has been built.  it looks fantastic.  and it is level. 

my son will be home in 6 days.  i just counted.   longer than i thought it would be.  we have heard from him once.  he is having a good time. 

the electrician and plumber should be coming this weekend to do the work for the darkroom.

we are talking back to school shopping.  essentials vs.  I just want a new....
we are talking meal plans and work schedules and dance classes.  my daughter will be dancing again after 8 months of rest.  she is nervous and excited.

the season is changing.  i can feel it this morning.  the skies are overcast but, not only that the air is cooler and it does not feel like summer.   we are transitioning to fall - we are still hoping for some warm days and bright skies.  i am working on reconciling myself to the new season.  normally autumn is my favourite - still is - but lamenting the shortness of summer.

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elizabeth said...

I can feel it change too... God be with us in these transitions...

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