Tuesday, August 16, 2011

postcard from the edge

first day complete.  overall it was pretty good. managed to get the emails under control by about 2pm. nothing went terribly wrong while i was away.  nothing much has changed.  not that i thought it would in such a short time.   but, secretly i hoped.  my work is very cyclical.  things change eventually.  we try it one way and then slowly over time it changes back.   part of my struggle is that i am tired of the same old patterns.  life is too short.  i've got things i want to do.

on a positive note.  i was able to tell someone it was going to be alright.  they could go to bed and sleep tonight and not worry.  debt suffocates people.  to be able to put things right and allow them to breath is the absolute best part of my job.  hands down. 

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