Thursday, August 04, 2011

random bits

I brought my Olympus with me yesterday - has a small zoom lens on it - this is pretty much as close as I can get.   I am no nature photographer.  I don't have the equipment for it; and if I am honest with myself no real desire.  I like still life. 

Found some beautiful new places to visit this past weekend:

Brian Ferry's the blue hour - his photos are quite extraordinary - and he has some big news posted on his blog.

He worked with the also lovely folk at 3191-they should be back soon.

One of them MAV is a  co-creator of This Summer. 

For all you crazy Star Wars fans - there is this lovely bit of software for your GPS - the Darth Vader Premium GPS Voice - check it out here at youtube.

In more random news - it appears that I have chipped a tooth or a cavity has cracked as I have a very rough edge on the bottom of my jaw.... no pain but clearly something that needs to be evaluated.  Lame.  I really dislike going to the dentist. 

Did I mention we are not selling our house?   Nope we are not.  Calmer winds prevailed and we are going to make a few changes and settle in for another 5 years at least.  I feel good and settled about the decision.  More on the changes later.

Happy Thursday


elizabeth said...

glad you are staying in the house... one thing at a time. thinking of you.

T. said...

Lovely heron :) I'm glad you're feeling settled on staying home :)

blackbird said...

I have to tell you: the selling/not selling of the house gives me angst!
I'm hoping you are truly staying.
And that's all I have to say...for today.

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