Monday, August 08, 2011

things on my mind

Feeling a bit sad/ melancholy today. 

Since we decided to stay, the next phase is to seriously declutter.  Everyone is in charge of their own stuff.  I came home to a pile of books outside my son's room.  Books on cartooning and origami; dragons and Greek mythology, and birds.   Why does that make me sad?  To be fair,  he still has all his copies of Harry Potter, the Sun Wing trilogy,  and the Bones series. 

I am missing my daughter.  She is off visiting another friend; sleeping over.  Other nights her best friend is here sleeping over.  I get it.  I miss her when she is gone; I miss her when she is here, but occupied.  We talk.  I am so grateful we do.  Do I wish it were more?  Yes.  I do.  This letting go bit is hard.

I read somewhere on the internet - forgot where or I'd link to it.... about the removing of the rings from a woman's hands when she she is admitted to hospital/ palliative care unit/ nursing home - they are removed and kept safe.  But, what about if the woman does not want to spend her dying days without her rings; what if she is unable to speak and request to keep them on?  What must that feel like? 

Found this interesting new blog lessforless - I like it.  After we spend our money to build the darkroom and put a new roof on our house we are implementing some  new cost saving measures.  Nothing new if we can help it.  The darkroom is going to be outfitted with used equipment out of necessity - that makes me very glad.  Mr. W has been collecting stuff for quite a while and it will be fantastic to get it out of all the various rooms and claim that space.

I am going to create a little writing station.  Complete with an inspiration wall.

My comrad in the west of hope project has been busy.   She is capturing light well.


elizabeth said...

I once heard Fr. Melitos Webber on a podcast saying that there can be a sense of let down or even depression after a big decision or completion of a big task. I find this helpful to understand - I know I felt a bit deflated this morning after good news - funny how that is - but when one is working so hard and so long towards a goal or decision, it can happen. I find talking to a friend about it and then going to church to be my best solutions for dealing with it. Today is St. Herman's day. I always seek to remember you and family to him daily.

Jane said...

I find myself sad about the boys growing up often. I have to remind myself that this is what we them move away from us and into wonderful adults!

Mimi said...

I understand completely, prayers and hugs.

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