Sunday, September 11, 2011

the beginning of a new week

We should get the trench filled this afternoon and our yard will look less like a construction zone.  The roof is pretty much done save for some final flashing and the cleanup and inspection.  The hot tub is set to arrive next Sunday.  Things are happening.

I have some work meetings this week which I will continue to be vague about.  I am excited and slightly nervous about new possibilities.

I have missed a lot of church these past few weeks and I am feeling slightly antsy about being apart from my family.   On the other side of this - I have been having some full discussions about the big picture with my children.  Their hearts are open and we keep moving forward.

A very wise person has sent me some good words.  We will survive these years.  It definitely is not as bleak as I may paint the picture.  In fact it is good.  Bumpy but overall - good. 

We are enjoying brilliant end of summer days.  The sky is blue and the days are warm.  

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