Wednesday, September 14, 2011

hand to the plow; veil lifted; truth revealed

yep. all that. we are using this new app on our i phones.   myfitnesspal.  it tracks what you eat.  you need to be brutally honest about what you are consuming.  you track your intake of calories and your expenditure of calories.  it is that simple.  the big thing is being honest about how much you are consuming.   and when you see how many calories in one slice of pumpkin loaf from starbucks and what it takes to work it off you think twice about eating that piece of pastry.  that is the theory anyways.  making different choices.  or more informed choices.

today I ate too much.  one of my partners at work took us out for lunch so I ate pizza - cheese and carbohydrates altogether.  and then to top it off I had an iced cappuccino.  I worked out and was still in the negative.  bother.  oh well. 

I have been thinking a lot about consumption.  About our culture and the food industry.  And how we view food.  I am trying to think about food as fuel first.  It is hard though because I love the culinary arts.  I love to eat and drink good meals with friends. 

and then there is the whole issue of anorexia - my daughter is working on a project for her psychology class - and we have been discussing the crazy websites that exist.  messed up. 


blackbird said...

oh, so my iced decaf with milk and sugar isn't the same as skipping breakfast?

(Happy belated to dad!)

Mimi said...

I very much agree, consumption is rampant in our society, and is so not where our treasure lies.

I am off to download the app, thanks.

elizabeth said...

thinking of you; glad your DD is doing this research and that you are discussing it.

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