Wednesday, September 28, 2011

in the garden

grannie's garden

margaret's dahlias

where is the focus

margaret's dahlias

last of the summer photos on film.
my daughter is at the Kings of Leon concert with a friend
it was a last minute ticket purchase and her first concert ever and the weather turned fine
i must stay up and pick them up at the skytrain station
i was up incredibly early today to attend a work meeting
so i am drinking fully caffeinated coffee at 9:19 pm.

our roof is done.
hot tub done and water checked - some minor tweaking and lots of reassurance that the whole water chemical thing is easy peasy as long as you monitor it

happy wednesday.

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Lil'M said...

the first picture - can you make a print for me and i will hang it with honour in our living room?? it is arresting.

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