Thursday, September 01, 2011

it is thursday again....and September 1st.

How is this possible?  The time is crashing into itself.  The fog has arrived.  It is considerably cooler in the mornings.  Although I can see the sun burning through the mist and it is going to be a lovely day. 

We have so much to do.  Actually I personally do not have alot to do but, I am the overseer.  My daughter has been negligent in creating her schedule.  Her courses are set.  But, she is currently working two jobs and her dance and school schedule needs to be reviewed and her employers need to know when and when she can't work.  ASAP.  Which really means like last week she should have done this.  I struggle with how much control to give her.   She gets overwhelmed easily and I was hoping she would show a bit more initiative.  Instead she stuck her head in the sand so that NOW it must be done and there will be conflicts.  Sigh.  And consequences.  She is going to have to choose which job to keep - which one to let go.... she may lose hours of work.   What is her priority right now?  How much dance does she want to do?   I should have pushed her harder last week and while it would have been uncomfortable for me - it would have saved the grief now. 

On Saturday our house will be mayhem.  They are coming to lay the pipe for water and electricity for the darkroom.  The trench will hopefully be back filled and our yard will be restored.   The electrician is coming to review where we are running the wires for the hot tub. 

Sunday night my son returns home.  Monday we are hoping to head into the city.  And Tuesday school starts.  I took Friday off as a lieu day - forgetting I booked the 2nd dentist appointment.  So no sleeping in on that day either.

I have completed two days of working out in the evenings.  It is proving to be less of a mental challenge, but my body is fighting.  I had serious leg cramps last  night making sleep difficult.  This getting older thing is for the birds. 

Four months remaining of 2011.  What do I want to accomplish?  How am I going to get there?  I am hoping to create some space this weekend to reflect on the first two thirds of this year and write some lists for these last few months.  



elizabeth said...

I saw the first leaves turning today...

TeresaAngelina said...

And a good day to do this too...happy (church) new year to you!

Anna Ander said...

I'm thinking about you. Will try to get a letter sent today. Or an e-mail at least.

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