Wednesday, October 19, 2011

catching up

Early morning walk

It has been a whirlwind of a few days.  Remember those sweet potato biscuits I was making.  They did not rise as much as I wanted them too, but we still ate and enjoyed them.  I ate way too many.  Then I checked out the calorie content on myfitnesspal and nearly died.  So, I hit the eliptical machine to even the score.  But, not only did I suffer that way.  I am pretty darn sure I had some kind of reaction to the white flour/ gluten.  I know it is trendy to say I have a gluten intolerance but, I think I must.  I have been avoiding all baked goods for months now just because it is easier to avoid extra calories and I have been feeling pretty good.  But, Lord Have Mercy.  I am suffering now.  To top it off I had a latte and a zucchini muffin yesterday and that pretty much did me in.  How did I get to become so sensitive to the foods I ingest?   Even, this morning not feeling terribly fine.  A day of clean eating is in store.

Had my quarterly review and get to keep my job.  Yeah.

I am working on something big.  I am chipping away at all the details.  I am gathering a team of supportive people around me. 

I have found a couple of new houses to photograph for west of hope.  Just need my partner in crime to come back from her adventure at Camp Shutter Sisters.

My daughter is dancing again and choreographing to Treelines When I Get Grown.

I am taking a lieu day on Friday and my husband and I are going on a date.  Another trip to the city with our cameras.

I have been somewhat out of the loop with my blog reading and I am hoping to catch up this weekend.  I miss the inspiration and the quiet mornings with my coffee and my online friends.

Happy Wednesday.


Mimi said...

I am so glad you are going on a date with your Dh! Yay!
Sorry about the gluten. Ugh.

Molly said...

i too have found that i'm much more sensitive to the foods i've been avoiding the past two months. kind of a bummer, but ultimately makes it easier for me to say no to the extra calories!

i've fallen in love with sweet potatoes all over again. we've been eating them peeled, sliced, seasoned with olive oil+salt+pepper+garlic powder, and roasted. i ate more than my fair share last night!

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