Monday, October 17, 2011

on the walk

On the walk

We are learning.  We are living forgiveness and repentance.  Picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves off and plodding on.  Trusting in the love of the other. 

It was a bit of a brutal weekend in that way.  We also got a lot done.  Lawn furniture stored for the winter.  Hot tub emptied and refilled.

We made a good dent in the laundry.  We took some photos.  Of cows in the field. 
Baked more zucchini muffins and made spaghetti sauce.  Prepped the sweet potato for biscuits tonight.

Today I am off for coffee with a ex-coworker.  A trip to the leather tool shop and groceries. 


Lil'M said...

so wish you could be here too R. it is an amazing place... a wonderful adventure! you would love all there is to 'shoot'

Mimi said...

I love those beautiful foggy autumn mornings.
Love to you.

Jane said...

Sounds like our house lately! Man it's been tough around here lately.

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