Sunday, November 06, 2011


It has been good so far.
I made it to liturgy.
We walked in the morning.  Hence the fog and frosty images.  I finished off a roll of portra 400.  I used the canon.  It is lame carrying the camera on the walk, I was driving my husband crazy because I had 6 shots left and kept stopping to take a photo.  Our walks in the am are NOT generally saunters.  Once I was finished shooting, I could put the camera away and pick up the pace.

Family dinner tonight.  Kind of a big deal.  This week there is a huge Jr. A Hockey tournament and both of my children are working almost every day.  We are going to be a finely tuned machine with the driving to and picking up from work.

I am roasting a chicken.  And sweet potatoes.  We are also having mashed potatoes and steamed cauliflower.  I have a batch of oatmeal  peanut butter chocolate chip cookies on the go and have started a new knitting project.  I love autumn.


elizabeth said...

so glad you made it to liturgy; sure can be a struggle sometimes and a real victory to be there.

food sounds good; all the best for the busy week ahead.

Lil'M said...

girl you get better with that camera every post.

sorry to miss you this morning. seems like we're rotating who between us will be there :)P i hate missing church. we listened to the liturgy by St. Vlad's choir as a [poor] substitute. life falls apart without liturgy. this is why we receive "the bread of life." without it we cannot survive.

sometimes it takes all we have to just arrive into the day, nevermind everything that fills the day. may peace rest in your heart. and if you need a ride - ever - or a boost - ever - remember, we're just down the road... more or less ;)

Jane said...

Beautiful pictures. We had a busy hockey weekend too. Guess we are right back at it!

Natalia Toronchuk said...

Beautiful photos! Wishing you well <3

deb colarossi said...

I don't have words for your photos.

Thank you for sharing them. You know they gift right?

you do.

sending love.
achy wam and fuzzy I am sort of caught up now love.

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