Saturday, December 10, 2011

47 Things about me

Quiet December morn

  1. I like scarves
  2. My new favourite band of musicians is Florence + the Machine
  3. I want to read more novels in 2012
  4. I have long hair
  5. I wear tights all the time in the winter
  6. I have been known to wear long underwear at work during the winter
  7. I am considerably lighter than I was last year at this time
  8. I love my iphone
  9. I am getting better at photography
  10. I love flannel pj's in the winter
  11. I don't wear socks in the summer.
  12. I am partial to mary janes.
  13. I quite like pilates.
  14. I am still working on my book
  15. I am the mother of two 16 year olds
  16. I think I have a wheat allergy
  17. I am especially fond of marcel the shell
  18. I can learn to live with less cheese 
  19. I have been wearing more colour these days
  20. I don't wear make up as a general rule
  21. I have two sisters
  22. I was going to be a librarian
  23. or a nun
  24. I am partial to medieval music
  25. I love Granville Island Brewery Winter Ale
  26. I am looking for knee socks.
  27. I love colour markers
  28. and pencil crayons
  29. I own a lot of turtlenecks
  30. I hate being cold 
  31. I have not had a sick day in a over a year
  32. I have two nephews with the name Sam
  33. My favourite flower is the peony
  34. I also like tulips
  35. I do not like swimming in the public pool
  36. I wear contacts
  37. I am a big fan of radio
  38. I love to be inspired
  39. I am the eldest child.
  40. I am partial to big bold silver rings
  41. I just opened a safety deposit box.
  42. I rarely wear sweat pants.
  43. My skin is alot drier these days.
  44. I love a fellow who loves wool.
  45. I am the owner of a rollei camera.
  46. I am drinking my coffee with milk these days
  47. I turned 47 years old today.


Tabatha said...

Happy Birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day. God grant you many years.

blackbird said...

Happy Day!!!

E Helena E said...

Happy Birthday and may God bless you today and in the coming year!

TeresaAngelina said...

Happy birthday - God grant you many years :)

interestingly, wv "grant"

elizabeth said...

Happy birthday, Many Years and my love to you!

Victoria said...

many many years to you!!

T. said...

Happy birthday! I like Florence and the Machine too :)

Anna Ander said...

I can't believe I missed your birthday. Happy belated one, my dear.

myn said...

florence is stupendously awesome!! happy birthday!!!!

Jane said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! Hope it was wonderful!

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